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A Living Will – A Must-Have Need.




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The image is a pictorial illustration of writing a living will.


“Is there a living will in place?”. This is a question every person, particularly an older adult, should answer. Asked differently, do you have a legal directive communicating what you wish to happen about the end-of-life medical treatment?

One could be in a vegetative state suddenly, like in a fatal accident. Also as aging progresses, a person, particularly an elderly senior, knows that time is fast approaching when he is still alive, can’t communicate his wishes about medical care.

He must find a way to outline those wishes when he still can. This foresight gave rise to the document called a living will. Though generally accepted by all states, but in some cases with minor changes, it is best to check with the state in question the process there. Therefore one living will is sufficient.

What Is A Living Will?

A Living Will is a legal directive that lets people state their wishes for end-of-life medical care when they become unable to do so themselves. It tells your loved ones and healthcare professionals your choices about end-of-life medical treatment.

The document gives you peace of mind and your loved ones in that it allows you to state your wishes about your end-of-life care.

And the grief and tough decision-making associated with the end of life are not worsened or made more complicated by confused guesses as to what might be an acceptable treatment to the incapacitated person.

Be aware, some religious beliefs or societies dictate when to end life or burial protocols. A living Will solves these problems.


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Do not be confused by the following expressions: “health care directive” or “advanced health care directive.” They are all the same descriptions of “living will.”

In some states, it is called a durable power of attorney (DPOA) for healthcare. The document takes effect as soon it is notarized, witnessed, or when incapacitation is ascertained.

Also, the signee can revoke the document anytime, and its power ends with the author’s death.

How To Make A Living Will

Writing a living will is a simple process. But being a legal document, legal guidance may be necessary. Therefore, many people follow one of the following methods: hiring an attorney in this law field if unsure of how to do it or using DIY forms from a reputable firm under some legal direction.

A living will vary from state to state, but the core requirements are the same – the author must be eighteen or above and of sound mind when signing the document; the document should clearly indicate that the will is the signee’s and states the name of the agent.

You or your agent signs the document in the presence of two witnesses or notarized and a copy filed with your private medical records.

Remember, if you are still of sound mind and can make your own decisions, your living will does not go into effect. Also, remember your agent can’t be a minor, and you must avoid conflict of interest in selecting the agent.

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The cost of preparing DPOA for healthcare varies by state. And even at that, there is no fixed price. So you have to check what is available in your state. But generally, the cost of living will DIY forms is far less than the cost of hiring a lawyer.

In The Absence Of A Living Will

If there is no living will in place, then, what? This question comes up a lot because, for so many reasons, a person can suddenly go into a coma or state where he/she is unable to dictate his wishes about treatment.

Then, such decisions about the treatment and life-prolonging care will be made by their loved ones like the spouse or healthcare professional.

This type of situation emphasizes the need to have a living will be already prepared.

Final Word

It is best to have a living will, particularly in cases where religious or social membership rules may dictate different medical treatment options.

You have the peace of mind that your wishes about final medical treatment are written down and communicated to your loved ones and doctor.

Another important piece of a living will is the agent or your healthcare proxy or medical power of attorney. This is a person, not a piece of paper, your trusted choice to make medical decisions when you can’t or who you trust to honor your own medical wishes.


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Establishing a living will is a simple process, but the guidance of a qualified attorney is advised.

The requirements may vary in different states, but the core requirements are similar. But it may be necessary to talk to your state to know the process of or what is required.

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