A suitable Medical Knee Scooter – vital features to consider


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A Typical Medical Knee Scooter

Brief Introduction

You may be wondering why a suitable medical knee Scooter is always recommended to aid an injured foot, ankle, or leg and after foot surgery?

These measures help to decrease pain, inconveniences, and quicken recovery.

The image of a typical medical knee scooter is shown above. And there are as many varieties as there are manufacturers.

Now, there is a new addition. This post is not about the newcomers but it is rather reviewing different types of medical scooters to explain the process for choosing a suitable one for an individual.

Right from the beginning of the process, it should be understood that no two injuries, surgeries, sizes, or lengths of legs are the same. So, every person will require a medical scooter that suits the type of leg or foot.

Also, one does not stop living – moving around, enjoying outdoor events, running errands, etc. – because of an injured foot or ankle. Participating in these activities is now easy, thanks to the medical knee scooters.


2 in 1 contour leg ramp
Contour 2 in 1 leg ramp - aid to an injured leg


Using a cane, walker, crutches, etc. with a foot injury or after a foot surgery can cause some excruciating pains at the shoulders. A friend was going through this ordeal until a knee scooter was donated to him.

These days pains due to surgery or an injury are ameliorated with drugs. But muscles or body parts that must compensate to support the foot will be stressed to the limit, making regular crutches, walking canes and walkers, unacceptable.

It is interesting to know that a medical knee scooter is not a new invention. It has been in use for thousands of years. 

Features To Look For

The vital role of a knee scooter is already established. But since there are different varieties on the market, what features should guide a person to make the best choice?

  • As stated earlier no one type of medical knee scooter can serve the needs of every person.
  • It is only after Due Diligence that a suitable type of knee scooter will be zeroed in on.
  • The exercise will consist of: considering all aspects of the problem, including finances, the type of injury, size of the person requiring the vehicle, types of knee scooters available and within reach, etc.

The major considerations

  • strength and rigidity to carry weight envisaged.
  • how stable is the scooter in terms of balance – a four-wheel is most stable
  • how healthy is the user to determine the number of wheels – ability to control and manipulate the device
  • is the footrest adjustable in terms of height to match the length of the leg of the user
  • breaking-system and the general control of the vehicle – should be easy enough for the rider to control
  • are the accessories readily available, easy to assemble and dismantle or foldable – easy to transport
  • the knee pad – how soft, of what material – to provide comfort;
  • how is pressure distribution and airflow in the pad to avoid damping and wetness
  • traditional – good for indoor use only or the all-terrain version – good for outdoor use.
  • is the price competitive and where is the cheapest place to buy from?
  • check guarantee – comfortable?
  • Is the return policy comfortable? And check my rating.

Comparative Analysis of Eight Medical Knee Scooters for comparative analysis of different walkers.

 Knee Scooters

You can walk into any supermarket and walk out with a knee scooter. Alternatively, one is available online. Those are not all it takes.

No! Due diligence is the first thing to do as indicated earlier.

The table above shows a necessary part of the process of choosing a suitable knee scooter. It is self-explanatory.

From the above table, two knee scooters are chosen and the reasons for the choices are explained:


  • Approved by the FDA as their No. choice, OasisSpace has the highest medical standards of knee walkers.
  • The four wheels are pneumatic and all-terrain, assuring better balance, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • The sensitive braking system recommends highly this piece of technology.
  • a basket for personal items or groceries is a part of the unit.
  • OasisSpace has air-filled pneumatic wheels.
  • At a price of $189.99 with FREE Shipping or $31.67/month for 6 months (plus S&H), an a-12-months warranty, OasisSpace is a bargain. I gave it a grade of 10 in 10.

KneeRover Deluxe

  • can carry up to 300 lbs; ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
  • The KneeRover Delux is one of the most advanced knee walkers in the industry
  • quick folding mechanism for easy transportation
  • the tires are of solid polyurethane rubber with shock-absorbing sealed windows
  • maximum stability and control when in use
  • a basket for personal items or groceries is a part of the unit.
  • a price of $159.99 and free shipping
  • KneeRover deluxe is Amazon’s ‘Choice’. 
  • the KneeRover deluxe with solid rubber wheels has a price tag of $159.99 
  • I gave it a grade of 8 in 10

After careful consideration, I recommend OasisSpace as the best knee scooter. 

Proper Operation

The following is the recommended proper operation of a knee scooter:


Knee Scooter, Pads.

  • first thing first: keep the scooter stable by locking in the brakes before placing the injured foot
  • hands on the handlebars at all times.
  • the injured leg or foot is placed 90 degrees on and parallels to the pad with the whole body weight placed on the pad, not on the leg.
  • the rider should not lean backward to avoid sitting on the bad leg or make the scooter unstable
  • when ready to move, release the brakes, and use your good leg to propel the knee scooter and yourself forward.
  • push gently with the good leg to avoid going too fast and avoid falling over
  • If you have to turn right or left, make a wide-angle turn.

Who is the Product For?

I have never seen anybody using a knee scooter for fun.

It has been used by individuals recovering from leg injuries or surgeries to the foot, ankle, or lower leg as well as below the knee amputees.

Pros and Cons

Those that use crutches to move about or rather hop around complain of the inconveniences and pain they endure. These do not include the strains and pains to the shoulders and the hands.

The crutch users are unable to stand and watch or take part in a game. It is difficult to make use of the hands or hold things while using the crutches.

These difficulties or inconveniences are eliminated by the use of a suitable knee scooter. So, a scooter is a better alternative to a crutch. 

Final thought

It is clear the vital role a suitable medical knee scooter plays in the healing process of an incapacitated foot or leg.

It is because it provides conveniences and comfort to the user that makes it a more preferable alternative to walkers, canes, and crutches.

Though different types of knee scooters are now readily available, and relatively inexpensive, I recommend the OasisSpace as the best knee scooter.

And with the current return policy, those who have the need should not hesitate to try one out.

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