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Due Diligence In Elderly Care – Protect Your Loved One



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No reasonable person would like to do over anything. So, to avoid a repeat, which may incur dare consequences, due diligence is carried out.

Due diligence is the careful homework any reasonable person would do to make sure that whatever is being done is done right the first time.

Different areas of due diligenceAll these mean is that a careful examination or scrutiny of all aspects of an undertaking must be done, in order to get it right the first time.

This post will discuss the due diligence in elderly care.

Consider the infinite number of activities in which humans engage. And among these endeavors, one may wonder why many come out or are finished right the first time, but some are not.

What makes the difference, in the two outcomes, is due diligence.

What Needs to be Examined and Reviewed

Elderly Care has many parts to it. Due diligence is carried out on each piece separately rather than all in one whole. This method will reduce confusion and avoid mistakes. Such an undertaking, if considered as a single entity, would be too cumbersome.

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Elderly care diligence starts with figuring out, first, the actual health conditions of the older adult and resources available to aid the care. Every other aspect of the due diligence hinges on those two.

The next step is to consider treatment options.

Then care facilities – hospital, elderly care facility, or at-home treatment are considered. The next consideration is about drugs and their side effects. The supplies and equipment are discussed next.

And coming behind the last aspect is the elderly safety considerations, and the care facility will determine the extent of scrutny.

You examine each part with a magnifying glass to make sure no aspect is left out, all to avoid costly redos, injuries, or even death.

From the above discussion, it is easy to see that the elderly care due diligence encompasses different subsets like a checklist, evaluation, assessment, prevention, monitoring, etc.

A Sample Of A Subset of Safety Due Diligence – Fall Prevention.

(the following are recommendations from a Fall Prevention due diligence. Read more here)

  • Use of cane, walker, wheelchair
  • wear fall monitoring device all the timeFall prevention
  • limit or avoid distractions
  • regular eye exam including installing proper lighting in the house and night lights
  • In the house, remove all obstructions from the floor, including securing carpets or rugs to the floor.
  • install portable lifts to the staircases if getting to the upper floors is difficult
  • Floors, carpets, stairways, should be slip-resistant
  • do not allow spills of any type on the floors
  • chairs and seats should be for low kinds that make getting on or off them easy
  • bathroom hangers should be low enough to reach without difficulty
  • toilets, bathtubs should be low and not slippery
  • bathroom floor mats must be provided
  • monitor side effects of drugs particularly new prescriptions,  

Doing Due Diligence Rests On?

Senior citizens couple considering type of care facility.The person or entity that stands to lose in the endeavor or transaction will have to do the due diligence.

Both parties in some ventures, like oil prospecting, will have to do the due diligence. In elderly care, it is the patient that stands to lose. So, the loved ones have to do due diligence because of obvious reasons.

To engage a caregiver, for example, the loved one of the elderly must conduct an investigation about the integrity and professionalism of the caregiver.

Also, the caregiver might like to know the integrity of the patience and his people.

Where Due Diligence Is a Most

As indicated earlier, all endeavors require due diligence. However, the level of scrutiny will vary depending on the value.

What makes the difference is the importance of what is being done or the severity of a mistake.

Clearly, human life has no ‘duplicate’, making due diligence in the elderly care the most critical.

The careful preparation you do to coach a football team will be different and higher than the readiness to clean around your house.

 A mistake in cleaning around your house will be of little or no consequence. But an error in driving a car on a highway may be disastrous – different.


The human life is precious and invaluable, and as such taking care of it will require more intense preparation or due diligence. The result of a procedural mistake, misdiagnosis of an illness or administration of wrong drugs is always disastrous.

Please note that some projects or undertakings may be too insignificant to require careful homework first. This is because the consequence of a mistake or not getting it right the first time is minimal.

Therefore, it is a consequence that determines the level of scrutiny.

There is a misconception though, that in some undertakings, one may have nothing to lose, or there is no consequence for a mistake. This is not true. Consider playing around with little ones, or sleeping, or even cooking.

These activities are familiar due to many years of practice. Therefore, calculating the consequences of the outcomes will be unnecessary. Of course, there is always a consequence for a mistake.

Final Thought

In the elderly care industry, due diligence is critical. As stated earlier, the consequence of a mistake could be deadly. We know human life is irreplaceable.

The elderly care comes in many pieces, starting from the health condition of the elderly to the choice of the healthcare professionals, healthcare facility, and types of drugs that are suitable for the older person.

All the care regimens are critical, and no part should be seen as less important. They are time-consuming and need an expert in each area to get it right.

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