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Statistics have shown that for the proper care and comfort of the elderly on homecare, all the care supplies and equipment must be available at all times, of high quality and at reasonable prices.

Thebabyboomerhub.com specializes in providing the sources for those two areas.

This blog is devoted to home care equipment for the elderly. These devices range from a simple cane or walker to more elaborate care items like motorized wheelchairs.

Since the health conditions of each Elderly person vary, we have provided a comprehensive list of resources that caters to most of the cases. And we go the extra mile to help you find whatever is not available.

 As a dedicated caregiver or a loved one of the elderly, you have a lot on your plate. Leave the sourcing of home care equipment for the elderly to thebabyboomerhub.com. Please refer to our contact info below.

Types of Home Care Equipment For The Elderly

Urological devices including;

– different types of Catheters and accessories

– Tracheal Care Kits and supplies

– Resuscitators

– All types of Oxygen Therapy Equipment.

– Elderly women Equipment including Personal  Care, and Hygiene.

– Hospital-Grade Beds – all types.

– Hospital-grade Mattresses, tables, furniture

– Mobility Aids like Canes, Walkers, Crutches, Power Chairs – all types.

– Home/Hospital Therapy Equipment.

– Everyday needs in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, car; aids for dressing, grooming, and dining; and outdoor activities.

– Adequate lighting throughout the home, including night lights

–  Monitors like fall monitors, diabetic sugar monitors, mobile EKG, blood pressure monitors, etc.

Why Keep These Monitors Handy

It is necessary to point out here that the monitors listed above should include bandages, wipes, medication organizers, etc. They are very necessary care materials and should be kept handy all the time.

Caregivers should be aware of the symptoms that are most likely to lead to a serious diagnosis in seniors.

                                                        Blood pressure monitor

Check out examples of why these monitors should be kept handy. Coma from diabetes and diabetes itself can be detected using a diabetic monitor; heart attack can be detected using EKG monitor; etc.

 Accidents and Injuries like falls can be prevented using fall monitors like Mobile Help. And using monitors like Amber Alert GPS, you can monitor the whereabouts of your loved one suffering dementia.

The health conditions can creep on a person without notice. But they can be detected and treated early if these monitors are handy.

The constant availability of the home care equipment for the elderly can save an expensive trip to the emergency room, thus, saving a life.

Mobility Equipment

Choosing a piece of adequate equipment, particularly mobility equipment for the elderly, needs some due diligence because no two persons are the same in their sizes, neither their health conditions. For example, no one type of wheelchair or scooter can suit every elderly person.

Therefore mobility equipment should not be bought in advance. This is where the babyboomerhub.com comes in, ready to provide your needs 24/7.

Also, we source from reputable manufacturers. Our goal is to make taking care of an elderly person a pleasurable experience.

Just tell us what it is you are looking for to care for your elderly, be sure we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

            3-ply Disposable face Masks,

   Protective, Ear Loop Breathable Particle Mask, General Use – 50 Count 

As stated earlier, we have a comprehensive list of sources in our database. All you need to do is give us a call or send us an email using the information written below.

Procurement And Sourcing.

It can’t be over-emphasized that the Elderly care equipment must be available at all times. But the difficulties involved in sourcing and procuring some of them, particularly in third world countries, make it almost imperative to have thebabyboomerhub.com or a trusted source at your side. We are able and happy to serve your needs 24/7.


Taking care of an elderly, whether as a private caregiver or as a loved one of the aging person, is not an easy task. But it can be a lot easier if the care equipment is readily available, of high quality and at comparable prices. The babyboomerhub.com understands these and fully equipped to satisfy them.

The health conditions of the elderly are many and could occur singly or in multiples. These could be due to the tear and wear experienced at old age, which can be exacerbated by some disabilities or diseases.

Again, thebabyboomershub.com is aware of these varied types of ailments and has compiled an exhaustive elderly care equipment list sources that will meet these demands.

Please see our Post: Elderly Home Care: Equipment and Supplies – sources and Procurement. Best of all: Give us a call or email for all your care needs using our contact details shown below.

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