Information On Elder Care Resources – And Accessibility

Pictorial illustration of all the Information on eldercare resources.

Information On Elder Care Resources – And Accessibility

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The image is a pictorial illustration of all the pieces of information about eldercare resources.

This post will discuss information on eldercare resources  – what is available in general and how to access them, a big task indeed. Resources available in advanced countries like the US will differ from what is obtainable in less developed and poorer nations. 

But the good news is that no matter the country or region of the world you live in, the method of accessibility remains the same or close. 

I’m using Arizona State, USA, where I live, and most familiar with using the system as my test case. For simplicity and to stop beating around the bush, please go to this site. Then, I will discuss awareness and accessibility. 

The Need To Know

Generally, people know that knowledge is power, and I believe it is true. You can’t access or avail yourself of a resource or program you are unaware exists.

information on eldercare resourcesDespite persistent and reasonable efforts by individuals, organizations, or the government to publicize the availability of the resources or programs, they still escape many people’s notice, resulting in their missing out on life-saving resources.

Reasons or excuses for this failure can run into miles. “I can’t read or don’t have a good working radio or television” may ‘excuse’ a person, but what of the free word of the mouth?

One of my reasons for writing this post is to provide to you, your friends, and all interested people, another source of information about Resources For Elderly Care. Knowing where to look is very important.

But you need to define the problem for which you are looking for help. That is the first step. With a clear understanding of the problem you have, the use of the Eldercare Locator or a similar tool is next. In Arizona, there is a free copy of the Seniors Resource Guide Directory in every county. It is a comprehensive guide to senior resources, complete with the websites and contact phone numbers.

Your journey is likely to start with DES (The Department of Economic Security), the overarching department where the information of all assistance and aids programs are located. Other programs like the Children, women, autism, etc., that are not geared towards elder care but perform similar functions to other groups are also located here.

It is good to know that recently, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs separated from the department to exist independently.

What Is Available

The Seniors Resource Guide Directory is comprehensive and provides every piece of information about eldercare. The source is available in any DES office.

But this source is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other sources like AZ LINKS: Your Link to Aging and Disability Resources; AARP; National Institute On Aging; Meals On Wheels; etc.

National Council on Aging, for example, is a respected and trusted association focused on helping people aged 60+ and operates with nonprofit organizations, governments, and businesses to provide programs and services for the older adults, a great place to find what senior programs available to assist with healthy aging and financial security.

The Process To Obtain Service

How to go about getting the services? Because these resources and services are many, it is impossible to write out the next steps to obtain the services you need.

However, by this stage, you have all you need to approach Resources For Elderly Care – you have the contact details, the most important piece of information.  Once you connect to them, they may require you to fill out and submit the information form. That’s it!

They will take it from there and direct and guide you in the subsequent actions you need to take. Note that you will learn about the variety and types of government departments, companies, and organizations offering services and resources in the National Senior Resource Directory. At the same time, the Local Directories help locate professionals providing these services. These services will generally cost nothing to you.

This is generally how it works in America. It is beautiful.


In our determination to find ways to care for and protect our elderly, it fits this stage to write about how to obtain the information for and ascertain the availability of the resources for elderly care. You will likely contact the DES first and go from there.

In Phoenix (like in other cities in America), where I live, the Department of Economic Security office is everywhere. Remember you go to them already prepared with your needs. They will point you in the right direction.

So many DES offices per city bear witness to the government’s efforts to make sure the elderly get the help they need to live out their lives strong and healthy. Also, besides the government’s resources, individuals and organizations provide similar services. They may or not charge any fees for their services.

As stated elsewhere in this post, many people still miss out on getting the help already in their neighborhoods. Really, there are no excuses for missing out. I think the major weapon against this lapse is to ask questions before or when such problems arise.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and gained valuable information. Please let me know your impression of the post.

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Comments ( 8 )

  • Diana

    This article is so true, a lot falls through the cracks because we do not know what we should know. Knowledge is power, when we lack knowledge we lack power. The department of Economic security is a great link between the elderly and the care and services they require. Government agencies, organization and individuals are available to assist.

    • Cal Mbano

      Thanks, Diana, for your comments. 

      Yes, knowledge is power. I admire what many countries (particularly the US) do to take care of their elderly citizens. It is unfortunate that many people still miss out despite all the government’s efforts to bring the information to them. My post serves as one more source of information.

  • Rich Gilbert

    Taking Care of the Elderly is a very honorable job. I know at some time in the future, I will have to address the needs of my parents. They have done an excellent job preparing for their retirement.  Unfortunately there are a lot of Baby Boomers that did not plan so well. Having a list of resources is very helpful.

    • Cal Mbano

      Yes, taking care of those that took care of you, many under trying conditions, is not only honorable but also morally required. I am happy you know what the future holds and my post will be a good guide. While you are at that, don’t forget to encourage others. 

      I wish you good luck.


  • Lakisha Akbar

    Recently, I have been thinking of the future. I am so glad that I’ve come across this review. I did learn a lot. I never knew there are so many resources for elderly care. This article is very helpful to help one prepare for the current and future. I really like how Arizona has their information organized. I just tried to do the same research here in Texas and unfornately the information is not neatly listed as you have provided. 

    I’m not sure if I did something wrong. I typed in Texas Department of Economic Security and it did not provide me with a list that was well organized as Arizona. I wonder how the DES office works here in Texas? Unless the only office is located in San Antonio…I did see San Antonio, Texas as an option on the Senior Resource Guide

    Either way, thank you for helping me become more aware of the future. Websites like yours come into great use. Have a wonderful day ahead…

    • Cal Mbano

      Hi, Lakisha, 

      Thanks for your time and comments.

      I’m sorry your search results did not pan out as expected. I don’t know how DES there would operate differently. But who knows! Or it may need more searches.

      I can see you found my post interesting and useful. I wish you could spread the word. My website is focused on raising awareness about the plight of our elderly citizens. Because, unfortunately, many people are unaware of this.

      Again, thanks.


  • Sheen

    Hi there

    There is a need for information for people caring for “Baby Boomers”! 

    Our aging population is growing exponentially and there is a need for those caring for the elderly and their needs to be able to source different resources.  

    How true it is that we need to ask the correct question to get the correct help.  Works well in Google too – if we insert the incorrect word it will not bring up a satisfactory answer.

    What a great niche you have chosen. 

    Best wishes


    • Cal Mbano

      Hi, Sheen,

      Very true, and this is why they say, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Asking the right question is only one part of the problem with helping older seniors. The biggest is a lack of awareness. Many people don’t even know that many elder cases of abuse are going on under their noses. If you thumb through my website, you will see many posts on elder abuse – how to recognize it and what to do.

      Thanks for your time and comments.


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