iWalk 2.0 knee scooter and a regular knee scooter- a comparative analysis.

iWalk 2.0 Knee Scooter – A Unique Type of Knee Scooter.


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                                           IWalk 2.0 Knee Scooter

Did you realize that statistics have it that the iWalk 2.0 knee scooter is the best knee scooter?

That claim will become obvious if the hand-free and the pain-free features, including the freedom to participate in normal living the user enjoys, are considered.

These unique attributes placed this machine in a class of its own.

This post will discuss all the new features of this equipment that make iWalk 2.0 unique and more preferable to any other type of knee scooter on the market.


Yes, the iwalk 2.0 works similar to a knee scooter in that user kneels on the shin, but it offers so much more in mobility and freedom.

The iWaLk 2.0 is a hands-free, pain-free scooter that solves the limitations of crutches or bulky knee scooters.

It is lightweight, so it is easy to transport, and as an extension of the leg, it can easily navigate very small spaces and corners. You can even use your iWalk 2.0 in the shower!

The iWalk 2.0 is pain-free like the regular knee scooters, but since it is also hands-free the user can return to the normal day-to-day activities and take care of herself and those around her unrestricted,  while the leg injuries heal.

There are stairs and steps in modern homes and buildings. Using wheelchairs, regular knee scooters, or crutches in these places presents great difficulties. But iWalk 2.0 eliminates these inconveniences.

Best of all, it is easy to learn, safe to operate and an FDA class 1 medical device. It is easy to assemble or dismantle with no tools.

The features described above make iWalk 2.0 the best knee scooter, offering a no-compromise rehabilitative experience. 


Product Design


Height: Fully extended 38″ (96.5cm) – fully compressed 25.75″ (65.5cm)

Width: 6.90″ (17.5cm)

Length: 16.00″ (40.5cm)


Crutch only:                               4.8 lbs (2.1 kg)
Crutch with packaging:           5.6 lbs (2.5 kg)

Maximum Weight Capacity:

275lb (125kg).


  • One size easily adjusts for user heights from 4’10” to 6’6” without tools
  • Adapts for a left or right leg in seconds without tools
  • Ergonomically lateral offset foot design is self-stabilizing and provides safety and confidence
  • Replaceable treads provide traction and safety
  • Easily accommodates all leg types including valgus (knock-kneed) and varus (bow-legged)
  • Easy to adjust comfortable straps
  • Assembly is quick, easy and tool-free
  • Breaks down in seconds for easy storage or transport
  • No latex – hypoallergenic materials


        Parts and Fittings


The Safest and Most Efficient Way to Operate iWalk 2.0

  • start with safety by first setting up the device itself – the straps, the thumbscrews, etc;  and adjusting and tensioning the straps; adjust the curved edge to suit the bad leg.
  • stand firm on the good foot and position the bad foot on the platform; buckle up the bad foot using all the straps provided.
  • On level ground and depending on the condition of the bad foot, a walking stick may not be required for the first few trials. And because of its simplicity and easy to master the operation, walking with the iWalk 2.0 will be a matter of few trials.
  • propel yourself and the device forward with the good leg
  • lift the good leg up, do not drag it as you walk
  • walking up/down the stairs or steps will require mastering walking on a level surface first. Then hold firmly on the railings, move up or down the iWalk 2.0 one step of the stairs. Then move the good leg to the iWalk 2.0. Repeat this process until you get down or up the stairs.

Who is this device appropriate for?

The person who answers in the affirmative the following questions!

  • Strength and Balance – were you at the least of average strength with reasonable balance before the foot injury?  In other words, were you able to walk up and down a flight of stairs at a normal walking pace and without using the handrail? Now with the foot injury can you balance on your good leg for at least 30 seconds?
  • Height are you between 5′ 1″ and 6′ 2″? If you are outside this parameter, iWalk 2.0 will not likely fit.
  • Weight – Is your body weight below 275 lbs?
  • THIGH SIZE – is your maximum thigh circumference, measured at the top of the leg 28 inches (71cm)?
  • Position Of The Foot Injury – Your injury is to one leg only, and below the knee?
  • Knee Flexibility – can you bend your injured leg 90 degrees at the knee?


The following outlets carry iWalk 2.0 knee scooter:

the ProTherapySupplies; https://store.iwalk-free.com/ and Amazon.com

the price of the iWalk 2.0 at amazon.com is $149.00, and they are available in different colors

amazon.com has a better deal on iWalk 2.0 including free shipping.

Final Thoughts

It is necessary to be aware of some limitations Knee scooters and crutches have as you consider buying a mobility device for a lower leg injury.

Knee scooters are bulky and thus difficult to manoeuver on stairs, steps, and tight corners. 

The bulkiness of a knee scooter also makes it difficult to transport, and the large turning radius makes navigating small spaces difficult. Besides, you must use both hands to steer it.

Also, since they have wheels, the uneven or sloped ground is extremely challenging to negotiate.

Because the hands are not free, even simple tasks are difficult to accomplish with regular knee scooters or crutches. Crutches also are associated with hands, wrists, and elbow pains.

The two options of knee scooters available are the iWalk 2.0 and the regular knee scooter. But with more knowledge of iWalk 2.0, and as described above, it will be easy to choose iWalk 2.0 as the better alternative.

It may also be necessary to work closely with one’s physical therapist to determine needs and limitations before making a decision.

This device is worth checking out now, and here

Though iWalk 2.0 is in a class of its own, prompting me to give it a rating of 5/5, I still advocate personal due diligence before committing your hard-earned money.


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iWalk 2.0 knee scooter


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