Finding A Niche and a Good Product to Sell, Which Should Come First?


A friend had a problem marrying his Niche with a product he considered a good one to sell. He ended up abandoning the two choices. My daughter was refused a job because she didn’t have enough experience about the job. The young woman wondered how she could have gotten experience in a job she had never worked on or involved in, anywhere? Her academic training only prepared her for the job but did not offer the practical experience the job required.


This seems to be the way things go when the first steps in any endeavor were not taken, i.e. due diligence was left out. So, in such a dilemma, generally, you get one first and then work on the other later. But the question is, “Which one do you get first and which one do you work on later”?

Personal Experience

To become an online Affiliate Marketer, I needed to go through the training first. IncIuded in the curricula are the development and building of a website. The website is generally developed around a Niche. Once the website is completed, the search for a good product to sell begins (or so I understood previously). But, a good product to sell, you find, may not have anything to do with the Niche. You are now in quagmire. What to do? Why do people always find themselves in this type of situation?

I find two scenarios that can explain why people find themselves in such situations. The first one is lack of experience. And that leads to the second scenario – inadequate preparation.

Toward the end of completing my first website, I was confronted with the same difficulty. I thought I was getting a good website based on my niche. It was when I found what I considered a good product to sell that it donned on me that it was not a good match for my niche. Building the website should have taken few weeks but it took me months to complete. Even to date, things are not working the way I had hoped for.

The Need for Experience

I laid the blame for the delay and extra expenditure squarely on lack of experience. Should I have found a good product to sell first and then find a matching niche and build the website around the niche? Those questions did not even cross my mind, not to talk of proposing the answers. They can now be answered due to my experience with finding a niche, building a website around it and finding a good product to sell.

The answer to the question, “Which comes first: finding a good Niche or finding the best product to sell” is, both go together i.e. while building a website around a chosen niche, a good product to sell or advertise on the website should be taken into consideration. If I had been aware of these facts at the beginning of my project, certainly I would not have spent the length of time I used setting up my business.


Nothing can replace an adequate preparation for any project that is based on knowledge and experience. Many a time people jump into a project without first thinking it over, considering all the pros and cons and end up with a costly redo or abandoning the project altogether. Even when there is no experience, there are resources out there to fall back on. The worst thing to do is to rush into a project, anything blindly.

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  • Ramos

    I agree with you that the two must go along simultaneously while building up a website. Finding a good niche to build the website on must be accompanied with immediate search for marketable and credible products to sell in the niche. Though experience is integral to making things work out faster but for beginners with no prior experience, this article has provided insightful information on the need to ensure that both the two sections are taken care of simultaneously. Great article and I must commend you for this.

    • admin

      Hi Ramos. Thanks for your time. Your observation that the article will serve beginners well proved to me you captured the essence of my article. I’m happy to know that beginners will find the writing useful. Therefore, I approve your comments. Thanks.

  • Chuck

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience and all of these other stories to help teach us about what comes first, a niche or a product. I agree with you that both kind of go together. I chose a niche that I knew would have products. I had a list of a couple of different niches that I knew a lot about, from having done them as Hobbies, and then I sort of combined that with a list of which of them would have products.

    Once I cross-referenced both of the list I saw that there was one of the niches that had a ton of products and it was also one of the ones I knew the most about. So I just got started on it because I was taught that I can make money on anything as long as I followed the process as best I could. Great article and take care!

    • admin

      Hi Chuck.

      Thanks for for reviewing and commenting on my blog. However, I kind of granted approval for your comment, based on the following: You chose a niche you have prior knowledge of and that has a lot of products you can sell. But supposed you started with no prior knowledge of any niche, then how would tackle that question, “Which would you do first – find a niche or find a good product to sell?”. 

      My article was exhaustive in explaining how to handle that scenario.

      Have a nice day. 

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