Series On Elder Abuse – All You Need To Know About The Crimes

Pictorial illustration of elder abuse

Series On Elder Abuse – All You Need To Know About The Crimes

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The intention of the series on elder abuse is to draw attention to crimes against elderly people.

The elder abuses are Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Financial Abuse, Neglect abuse, Psychological abuse, Emotional Abuse, Coercion abuse, Material abuse.

Based on the frequency and the enormity of the crimes, elder abuse needs our attention, requires a thorough understanding, and the application of concerted efforts to deal with it.

If these are achieved, fighting the plague or reducing considerably its frequency will be easy.

Remember who are the victims of the crimes – elderly fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, etc.; in short, all elderly citizens are targets.

This crime does not respect the socioeconomic class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

The Project

For my part to end this evil or reduce it to the barest minimum, I am starting a blog (series) on elder abuse.

I’m going to discuss each form of elder abuse separately and provide all the information that needs to be known about it, hoping the knowledge provided will help in the fight against elder abuse.

 Meanwhile, I have written a piece, a general knowledge of the main twelve forms here.

The Scope

In this project, there will be twelve blog posts. Each post will detail one crime

We need to have a clear understanding of elder abuse – what is/not elder abuse. Any crime directed only on senior citizens, taking advantage of the conditions of the elderly person.

These explain why indiscriminate robbery or any other type of abuse not directed on aging citizens only, would not qualify as elder abuse.

But embezzling money or property from an elderly person suffering from any of the types of dementia, taking advantage of the elder’s inability to remember or make mental connections, would be classified as elder abuse.

 Each post will describe one type of elder abuse including detailing why the abuse occurs in the first place, or why it persists to occur or defies solution. It will confirm who is involved in this crime and the venue of occurrence.

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Finally, the post will look at the current position of elder abuse – what has been done so far, successes achieved, or difficulties encountered in the battle against this evil.


The blogs will in due time become a forum for people of the same persuasion to mingle and exchange ideas that may help to solve this problem. Those who are less aware of this menace may be better informed and be in a position to contribute ideas to solve this problem.


Elder abuse is a problem for all of us. We have the resources to make it go away. All of us have mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, etc. Since every senior citizen is a potential target, then abuse of one is an abuse of all. So, the sons, daughters, and well-wishers of our loving elderly parents can’t afford to sit by.


Please Leave Comments/Reply

Please share your thoughts in the Comment section below.   I would love to read them! If you have some experiences in dealing with elder abuse and prefer to share them here, you are welcome.




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Comments ( 8 )

  • Aparna


    This is such an important topic for today’s generation. Elder abuse takes various forms; some visible and some not so visible. The fact that society and we as a people need to care for the elderly population cannot be overstated. It is indeed essential.

    That is why governments need to put in place strict rules to ensure that no elder abuse takes place in any form. 

    After these are the parents, aunts, and uncles that raised us. they deserve our respect and care.



    • Cal Mbano

      Thanks for your time and I appreciate your comments.

      No abuse is ok. And abuse to our aging parents, uncles, etc. is rather disgraceful. This is why is writing the Series to raise awareness of this evil hoping to involve people, organizations, and even governments in the fight against any form of elder abuse.

  • Bogadi

    This is such an important subject , i support that crucial conversation around this subject should be normalized, that is the only way we will raise awareness. It is important and complex. I talk as someone who had to take care and still taking care of her aging and sick mother. I think I can write a book on this. Its a sensitive subject for me, let me leave it here. 

    keep going , because this is a subject nobody is talking about .

    • Cal Mbano

      You have the first-hand experience being the caretaker of an aging mother. I’m happy you agree that raising awareness and awareness itself are the two major instruments in our toolbox to fight elder abuse. The series is focussing on the two. Do not forget to check out the elder abuse laws here. Thanks for your time.

  • LineCowley

    The abuse of elderly people is a very real issue and a very important topic that must be addressed in society. Some forms of abuse are not always visible. Sadly abuse often happens in care homes as well. Relatives might think the elderly will be taken care of, only to find that carers steal from the elderly and then pretend otherwise. We all have a responsibility towards preventing abuse.

    • Cal Mbano

      Unfortunately, elder abuse takes place in the elders’ homes by, mainly, loved ones and in care centers by care professionals. You wonder how that could be possible since these caretakers are entrusted with the care of the elders. This post (the series), has detailed how to recognize, prevent the occurrence, and what to do if it occurs. Then, those who have the interest of the aging parents at heart are now equipped with the above resources. They should be on the lookout and report incidents to the authorities.

  • Parameter

    Thank you for this essential activity. We forget our elderly and open them up to abuses. The most devastating are those from family members who ought to respect and take good care of them. With a blog you will create more awareness on how to take care of the elderly and reduce this abuse to the barest minimum 

    • Cal Mbano

      Yes, the solution to elder abuse hinges on the level of awareness and people getting involved. I want to be a part of the solution and with my blogs, I hope to do so. I urge all concerned to get involved. Thanks for your time.

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