The Convenient Height Toilet – A necessary need, not a luxury

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Brief Introduction

Finally, the Convenient Height Toilet is now available. As a caregiver, I observed the struggle a tall elderly person, worse of all, an arthritis-ridden elderly person struggling with joint stiffness, goes through just to sit down and ease him/herself. It was not a pretty sight. 

But with a-twenty-inches tall toilet, using the toilet becomes a pleasurable experience, men can hardly miss and mess up the floor while straining to sit down or stand up is eliminated. This is the beauty of this American innovation. 

Product Description and Features.


Product description

– Toilet bowl height: 20 inches (floor to top of bowl)

– Bowl height with toilet seat: 21 inches

– Color: pearl white

– Rough-in: 12″ standard. Fits 11-1/4″ and up

– close lightweight toilet seat included

– Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters certified

– Accepted by California Energy Commission (CEC)

– Elongated bowl shape. Two-piece toilet

– Compact size tank delivers a powerful flush

– Dual flush: lever up light flush, down full flush

– Water economy: 1.28 gal/full flush, 0.9 gals/light flush

– Compatible with elongated bidet cleansing seats

– Fully glazed 2-inch trap-way/passageway

Standard installation. Install time: 45 minutes

Included parts are:
1) Dual flush complete system with flush valve and fill valve: filler valve, dual flush valve, dual-direction flush lever, and all accompanying flush mechanism assembly bolts
2) Slow-close toilet seat. White. As shown in images
3) Tank-to-bowl connectors
4) Floor mounting bolts
5) Bolt caps

Warranty: Our high-quality products are guaranteed against defects in chinaware material and workmanship for a period of 3 years.

Shipping: UPS Ground Priority. To maximize safety in transit each toilet ships in 2 boxes: one box for the tank, one box for the bowl. The buyer receives two UPS tracking numbers for each toilet with daily progress updates. Total parcel weight 120 lbs.

It is beautiful and of ceramic material and slenderly built to save space. The high elevation makes flushing very efficient.  The manufacturer, The Convenient Height Company, is about the cheapest place to buy it. The size/dimension is as shown in the sketch.

My rating is 95:100.


The major benefits of the Convenient Height Toilet are; convenience, safety, and independence. It does not need a lot of space and therefore can easily fit in the space of a low toilet. At 20″ tail, convenient height is easy to get on and off. And an elderly person can use it with little or no help.

Safety add-ons like the 4″ plastics and grab bars, to prevent slipping off, common in low toilets may not be necessary, which adds to bathroom safety and free independent lifestyle.

Missing the toilet and messing the bathroom floor common with males, will be a thing of the past. It comes with a 3-year warranty against defects in chinaware material and workmanship.

It is also Available
on Amazon
at Home Depot
on Wayfair
at $53 / month 

How to Use It

This American-made toilet, ships free, complete with all the installation pieces. Installation is in less than an hour by the experts.

The use of the tall toilet is simple, just like the neighbor, the low toilet. But it has the added benefits due to the high elevation of the tramway which improves the siphon force to remove solid wastes with the least resistance.

Who is the Product For?

This product is for the use of tall, particularly elderly people, but all people, including younger people with the installation of the bidet/washlet 

Pros and Cons

Convenient Height Toilet is classy, convenient and safe to use by all people. A lot of considerations went into the thought process of the designers. They envisioned a toilet easy to use, does not cause cramps or increase arthritis pains due to straining to sit or get off it.

The convenient Height is slick, has beautiful color and design, can fit in a position for low toilets.

Besides considering the plight of elderly people going through pains of stiff joints or recovering from surgery, the designers of the Convenient Height Toilet also considered the fact that people are growing much taller with longer legs these days.

Think of the blessing convenient height toilets are to those people much taller than their parents. It is a must-have for many families.

The tall height improves the flow efficiency but poses some inconveniences to those with not long legs. The designers did not overlook this –  they provided the bidet/washlet. Check it out now. 

Final thought

The question now is, “How did the elderly, particularly tall, with stiff joints or arthritis-ridden, do it without the Convenient Toilet?” Certainly, it was difficult.

But, thanks to the Convenient Company that dreamt of, designed and built this first of its kind toilet here in America.

Among many of its benefits and recommendations are: it is beautiful and space-saving which can make a bathroom a peaceful and relaxing place.


While I recommend the Convenient Toilet to every family that may need it, you should do your due diligence before committing your hard-earned money.


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