The Major Health issues Facing The Elderly People – Problem Summary

The image illustrates the major health issues facing the elderly people. ealth issues Facing The Elderly People.

The Major Health issues Facing The Elderly People – Problem Summary

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Pictorial illustration ofThe image illustrates the major health issues facing the elderly people.



While many elderly people age gracefully, others are subjected to the major health issues facing the elderly people.

The elderly are defined here, and old age generally starts with and identified by greying hair and the decline of vitality.

As explained elsewhere on this website, the aging seniors’ population is rising faster than the younger generation (AARP….). And if the health issues involved are not well understood and prepared for by the government, care institutions, and loved ones, taking care of senior citizens, will present gigantic problems.

This post will detail these health issues and propose effective methods to deal with them to allow senior citizens to live a happy life.

Aging Process

Aging is a normal process of life. It is good and should be expected and prepared for. Every living thing starts as a seed, then becomes a young living thing. The next stage is the transformation into a fully grown adult.

At this stage, every living thing must produce its own seed. At the end of this stage, aging begins. The end of this aging is marked by the extinguishing of the fire of life – death.

This is the way it is as the Creator ordained. Anything outside of this order is not of the Creator.

Consequences of Aging.

The major health issues facing the elderly people are detailed below. The onset is at the beginning of the aging period.

Luckily for some people at this stage, have no visible ailments or disabilities. They are healthy and enjoy the normal aging process, except for some maintenance duties like routine checkups with the doctor.

It includes taking some vitamins to aid the immune systems, and some over-the-counter medicines to ward off aches and pain. And most importantly, being careful not to injure the old fragile bones and creaking joints.

They are said to be aging gracefully. But some people are not so lucky: they are rather besieged by a myriad of disabilities and diseases.


For ease of identification, the major health issues facing elderly People can be grouped into three: normal aging disabilities, age-related chronic diseases, and chronic diseases that took root before the onset of old age.

a) Normal Aging disabilities

The major health issues facing elderly people include frailty and weakness due to the normal decline of body functions. These can result in unsteadiness or balance issues and a propensity to falls.

Falls can result in very dangerous or fatal situations. In fact, falls account for more deaths among aging seniors than any other disability. But with careful management, falls can be prevented.

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Adult type 2 diabetesinfluenza, and pneumonia are managed with careful lifestyle changes and precautions.

Cognition refers to the ability to think, reason sensibly, and make decisions. A well-known form of cognitive health is dementia which deprives the elderly of those abilities.

Under these normal aging conditions, the senior citizen can live out the old age happy.

b) Pre-Aging Chronic Diseases

These include osteoporosis, arthritis, heart diseases, stroke, substance abuse, cancer, and obesity. This group of diseases started from past indiscretions and lifestyles of the youthful days. This characterization may be hard to accept.

Healthcare professionals simply ‘manage’ the chronic conditions by prescribing a lifestyle that was ignored before the aging process began.

This will include requiring the elder to adopt routine checkups with the healthcare professional, eat a healthy diet, and maintain regular exercise. Vitamins and supplements may be prescribed to aid weakened body metabolism.

c) Age-Related Chronic Disease

These types of disabilities occur only at old age, again, due to the steady decline of the body systems and functions.

These include cognitive decline, sight and hearing issues; respiratory and oral health issues. Type 2 adult-onset diabetes, mental disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS could be included in this group also.

These disabilities can only be managed by healthcare professionals. There are no permanent cures for them.

Final Thought.

This post provides an interesting read on the consequences of old age and the effects of past indiscretions on the aging process.

It is evident that there is a correlation between the aging process and the decline of body systems and metabolism. The appearance of the consequences of youthful indiscretions at old age is a separate matter.

It is no wonder that many elderly peoples from advanced countries over 70 years old, lose their permanent teeth to cavity and gum diseases. These being the case, one has to prepare for the future by taking care of it now, the present.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.


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Comments ( 7 )

  • Alejandra

    Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read today to know more about the major health issues facing the elderly people problem summary, as a late babyboomer, I can see how my mom and dad are getting old and facing a few health problems each one of them, it’s not easy to see them having so many problems, this has made me to wonder what can I do to get in better shape to face my own old life in better conditions, your article is quite interesting and it will help many to know more about this important topic, I know it’s hard to make life changes to get in better shape, but I think it worths the work! 

    • Cal Mbano

      Hi, Alejandra,

      Thanks for your comments and time. It is rewarding to know that people can see the health issues facing older adults through this post. This awareness may induce people to make some life changes to stay in better shape.

      Good luck.


  • Monique Charland

    Thank you so much for your enlightening article on The Major Health Issues Facing the Elderly People – Problem Summary.

    My own website is devoted to brain games, advanced brain training and optimal brain health.  I publish blogs about major health issues facing people or all ages, including the elderly.  And I agree with everything you say in your blog.

    I’m particularly interested in your secondary website “7 Main Types of Elder Abuse – Crimes That Must Be Eliminated”.

    I want to share my experience on this topic.  I have personally experienced elder abuse, first in a government-sponsored nursing home, then at the hands of a caregiver.  I have seen seniors beaten because they did not want to eat the unpalatable food served in the nursing home cafeteria, or because they soiled themselves.  I have seen elders with broken ankles or broken arms, untreated, whose bandages were only changed every three days.  I have also experienced financial abuse, as well as psychological/emotional abuse.

    As far as abuse at the hand of a caregiver, I have personal experience of that type of treatment, and have seen that type of abuse being perpetrated against seniors of all ages.

    I agree with you that the problem in many cases is that no one will believe the elder.  If an elder has memory impairment, he or she will be targeted most for sexual abuse because the abusing people know that the elders are always confused, and rarely will their stories be believed.   And I’m convinced that their confusion is made worse by the treatment that they endure.

    I think that our government must do more to protect our elderly citizens, who have done nothing to deserve the type of treatment that they often receive.

    • Cal Mbano

      Hi, Monique,

      Thanks for your time and for sharing your experiences with elder abuse. 

      The abuses to such frail and, in most cases, confused older adults are unfortunate. You are a living witness to what my Series on Elder Abuses (blogs) is bent on exposing or raise awareness. 

      Many people don’t even know elder abuse exists or know how to detect it. Because of this ignorance, elder abuse can occur right under someone’s nose, and the perpetrator goes unpunished.

      Fortunately, the level of awareness is on the rise. This evil can be stamped out or the frequency reduced if all concerned people join hands and contribute in whatever capacity.

      Again, thanks.


  • Sheen

    Hi there

    My opinion about your topic is that it is enlightening to shine some light on the major health issues of the elderly. There is an aging population and so more and more people will be having these issues and knowledge is power.

    Great idea to summarize into 3 categories to make the information easier to assimilate.

    I like the way the article starts out that we will all age and that it is ok! You are giving encouragement to older people and care-givers alike. It is interesting that you talk about examples of health issues and give ideas on how to overcome them. 

    It is perplexing that some people age so gracefully and for others it is indeed a trial.

    Congratulations on a great article and I wish you everything of the best.



    • Cal Mbano

      Hi, Sheen,

      I appreciate the time you spent reading this post. Your comments bear this out. 

      Unfortunately, many of the older adults suffer maltreatment at the hands of those entrusted to help and protect them. These happen because of general unawareness about the existence of these evils. Hence, they could take place under one’s noses and evade notice. The physical and mental conditions of some of the aging seniors make detection and prosecution difficult. Therefore awareness of the disabilities that besiege these senior citizens is essential, and participation in doing something about elder abuse, the key to eradicating it.


  • Oviss

    Hi there. Thanks a lot for clearly stating these facts that many don’t seem to want to understand and make them maltreat older adults sometimes. Fortunately, the level of awareness is on the rise. This evil can be stamped out or the frequency reduced if all concerned people join hands and contribute in whatever capacity. It’s a great pleasure to have come across this beautiful piece of information. Keep up the good work. Oviss

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